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Over the past few months, we have flagged plays that we called “Diagonal” plays.  What is a diagonal play?  And why is it important?  

Our Members can login and view a dashboard.  The data for the upcoming games is graphed – and Members can see, at a glance – the games that show contrarian value on two fronts: 

  • As our readers know, the data shows that we want to bet against the public.  That is, if the public loves the Atlanta Braves so much that 75% of the bets are on the Braves, this has most likely pushed value on their opponent.  We love betting on slight underdogs that have less than about 35% of the bets; even better if that team has less than 25% of the bets.
  • An indicator that makes this “bet against the public” even stronger is if the actual money bet on the team we like has more than 50% of the bets on them!  
  • If this is the case, our members can very quickly see “Diagonal” plays – or Smart Money plays.  
  • Long term historical data shows that this type of method will earn you positive value. 


Members: Please login – there are several Diagonal plays in early marketplace activity.  

This approach applies to every major sport we have studied.  In fact, as some of our members know, one of our researchers finished in the top 0.25% in several NFL pool last year.  

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