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Many sports fans are excited that College Football starts today!  And NFL action starts very soon!  Here are some notes as we move into football season – as well as a look at today's board.  

  • ONE big thing to remember - especially since the only recent betting game in town – has been baseball – is that while MLB is based on Moneyline odds, football is a point spread sport.  
    • Thus, please remember to review the Point Spread betting info for football!  
    • The Moneyline odds can yield additional information, so that is still shown.   


  • On the Sports Marketplace
    • As usual, the betting odds reflect all of the information that the marketplace offers.  Sportsbooks are in the business of making money so the “odds are sharp.”  
    • Luckily for us, there is also a sector of the betting public who we call the “square public bettor.”   
      • On average, “Joe Public" loses money.  
      • The sportsbooks make money due to the bid-ask / vig / commission spread.  
        • In addition, sportsbooks generally lean lines to maximize profit margins (vs. Joe Public!).  
      • Our Sports Investing Club monitors sports betting information and we generally are in the same direction as the sportsbooks. 


  • Today's College Football Board
    • Several games show public interest – but also fair value on both sides.  
    • Our analysts have several games circled that we have reserved for our paying Members.  
    • The numbers currently DO back a large dog.  
      • We like the huge points in the USC game and may take the huge points (currently 30.5) and San Jose State.  
      • It often pays to delay getting down on dogs as the line may increase.  
      • Members: please login to see if this ends up being a triggered play.  



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