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The NFL is here!  In tonight's kickoff to the NFL season, we have a very slight lean.  And note that that we want to clarify differing actions for some of our readers and members.  

  • Some of our members bet ATS or “Against the Spread.”
  • Others participate in pools against friends (or very large pools organized by groups or organizations).  

Sometimes, the actions for these participants can vary widely.  

  • In today's kickoff game, we have the KC Chiefs against the Detroit Lions.  KC is favored by just -4.5.  

The sports marketplace activity leads us to a very slight lean for the Lions.  Bigger money is on the Lions, although bets are fairly evenly split.  

  • Personally, our analysts will probably lay off of this game.  Some of our team does not believe in Detroit's hype.  
  • On the other hand, several pools have locked the point spread at the early opening line closer to KC -6.5.   With that kind of point value - especially near the key number of 6, we like the Lions even more.

Enjoy the NFL season and thank you to our Members!  



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